Mission Statement

  • To serve the communities of Volusia County as the radio voice for local activities and events.

  • To promote local public service causes.

  • To be responsive to our audience and advertisers by being an effective outlet for their messages.

  • Most importantly to be passionate about what we do and compassionate about how we do it.

  • AM1230 WSBB serves Main Street not Wall Street.

Diegel Communications Goals

  • To develop a well respected, conservatively managed radio company specializing in community oriented programs.

  • To develop a staff of community minded people and give them an environment in which they can grow.

  • To always keep in mind that our final product is our sound and quality is essential.

  • To create advertising and promotions to ensure the success of our sponsors developing plans that fit within their budget constraints.

  • To ensure a well managed financially secure, growing broadcast organization.